Evolving Articles by Tom Gilmore

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Introduction to the Geocubic Model (Synopsis)

Atomic Forces (strongest to weakest)
Quark Binding Force – Atomic Particles
Atomic Bonding Force – Molecules
Crystal Linking Force – Crystallization
Intermolecular Force -- Acids

Atomic Particle Conversions
Atomic Fusion – Plasma and Solar Burning
Mass and Gravity – Beta Decay and the Neutrino
Isotope Balance Formula – (2P +P2/156)
   + Isotope Abundance & Beta-Decay Charts

Atomic Motion
Time and Distance + Einstein’s Actual Relativity
Electron and Photon – Electromagnetic Spin

The Life Force
Carbon Cycle – Photosynthesis of Sugar
Genetic Coding – DNA, Amino Acids and Proteins

Sun/Earth/Moon – Orbit Dynamics, Eclipses
     + Axis Precession & Age of the Great Pyramid
The Illusion of Color

 Mathematics of Phi – Algebra & Geometry
Phi in the Great Pyramid + Earth Measures

Ancient Egypt – Isis, Thoth, & Hermes
Headlocks of Gilgamesh – The Fixed Cross

The Astrological Houses + The Natal Horoscope

Deduction of the Color-Cube – Astro-Numeric Tarot

Bohemian Tarot

The Seasonal Calendar – Minor Arcana of Tarot

The Kabalah -- Major Arcana of Tarot
     The ‘Tree’ of Life Choices



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