Bio-Form Theory

by Tom Gilmore
Copyright 2017
All graphics by Tom Gilmore
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The Law of Diversity
Certain traits are random but not allowed to exactly duplicate.
   (Like snowflakes and fingerprints)

Part I – The Bio-Realm of Bio-Forms

The Life-Force

It is generally recognized through organic chemistry that primitive living organisms arise in a self-initiating process that occurs in specific environmental circumstances, often labeled "spontaneous generation".  This is conclusive evidence of a life-force.

Even if the single-cell organism is rationalized with organic chemistry, the development of multi-cell organisms as a spontaneous chemical event is not supported.  So beyond the life-force, a structural model must be operating, and the known genetic code has not been shown to be controlling the organism (only determining various characteristics).

Physical laws alone cannot account for the development of life on Earth.  There must be a force of Nature impelling life to develop.  There is no rational explanation for how the Cosmos came to exist, and in the inescapable logical conclusion that the Cosmos had to be created, there is room to assume that the life-force of Nature was included in that creation.

Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin, rejected the notion that organism designs resulted from random mutations, and while recognizing that natural selection was occurring, could not accept that as the full explanation of evolution.  Wallace believed that a life-force dynamically intelligently designed organic systems (a precursor of Bio-form Theory).

Evidence of the Bio-Form

The integrated ecosystem demonstrates at the planetary scale that a coordinating intellect is responsible for the development of life.  This force at the planetary scale is the Bio-Realm (Mother Nature).  What we see as species, are defined in the Bio-Realm as Bio-Forms, and exist by design. 

All the Bio-Forms in the Ecosystem are balanced and synchronized to perpetuate life.  The intermediate forms in the evolution are there to fulfill an ultimate eventual purpose.  Evolution is not merely a randomly occurring mutation of species screened by natural selection.  Evolution is also a pre-planned and actively adjusted process intended to produce sapient life (presumably to entertain the Creator).

The notion that the known genetic code (DNA) causes the autonomic functions (like the beating heart, involuntary breathing, digestion, eye blinking, sleeping, and so on) is unsubstantiated   In addition, the development of the functional capabilities of the brain is an inherently structured but dynamically modified environmental interaction.

Something must be controlling the autonomic functions (it might be in the 90% of DNA that has not been decoded).  Hidden (not yet discovered) mechanisms must be producing some sort of positional determinant that specializes cells by where they are located in the Bio-Form.  It has been discovered that in embryonic development it is the relative location of a cell that determines how it functions, because moving an embryonic stem cell alters it.  This phenomenon is typically attributed to a vaguely defined community effect on cell functions (which is only a dodge to avoid admitting there is a Bio-Form at work), but the variability of the embryonic stem cell violates the concept that the known genetic coding determines the cell specialization.  In addition, cell division is a process exactly duplicating from an initial egg cell, and cannot produce specialized variations.

Dynamics of the Bio-Form

Clearly the cells of the organism cannot independently know their relative location in the Bio-Form.  As the organism grows larger the Bio-Form must correspondingly enlarge.  In addition, the embryonic Bio-Form undergoes various evolutionary transformations before birth.  These issues suggest that a dynamically adjustable model of some sort is controlling the organic development.

The process of bone maintenance is an example of Bio-Form control.  Certain cells in the blood dissolve bone from the outside, keeping it in the proper shape as the bone grows from the inside.  How these cells know where to adjust the shape cannot be explained without the Bio-Form to guide them.

Interdependent Complexity

Organisms exhibit motion, growth, reproduction, respiration, ingestion, digestion, excretion, and various functionalities.  The notion that the intricate complexity of organisms arise from random mutations is tantamount to ascribing the intelligent design to the basic structure of the Cosmos, and is not different in any significant way from ascribing it to the life-force.

Part II – The Cosmic Accommodation to the Life-Force

The Tao

A primary concept of Taoism is that cognizant being is the purpose of the Cosmos.  It follows that in creating the Cosmos, the mysterious source that cannot be named accommodated the requirements allowing organic development to occur, and be infused with cognizance. 

The first phrase in the Tao Teh King is commonly interpreted as “The mother of all things cannot be named”. 
   A better phrase is “Mysterious Creation”.

The next 2 phrases are “Embodying the Tao”, and “Nourishment of the Person”.  This is the assertion that being is the purpose of the Cosmos.

The fourth phrase is interpreted as “The Fountainless”, but it means “Uncaused Cause” or first event.
   There must be a first event because otherwise everything would be waiting for a prior event, and nothing could yet be happening.

Neptia: The Duality of Creation

The Ancient Greek Ionians considered the Creation to be a partnership of male and female, or union of Cronos and Theia.  The general term for this was Neptia, meaning the marriage of the Heavens with Earth.  From this ancient term is derived the modern term Neptials (commonly alternately spelled Nuptials) now representing marriage vows.  Cronos created time/space, and energy/matter, or more generally speaking, the "Cosmos".  Theia creates dynamically, by the force of life, in a progressive continuing process, with an intelligent modeling and coordinating of species, and she infuses the species with varying degrees of cognizance.  It is Theia that interacts with humans through a spiritual connection, and this is behind the word "Theurgy": the working of a divine agency in human affairs. 

The Titans were explorers from the star Sirius. 

(Modified Clipart)

After the race of Man was created (13 thousand years ago by Titan geneticists) the Titans found they were not able to procreate with the new race as they had expected.  They bio-engineered a hybrid named Neptune after Neptia, being a “marriage” of Titan (of the Heavens) and Earthling genes.  Neptune was an albino with pale yellow hair, pale white skin hypersensitive to the sunlight, and pale blue eyes.  He procreated with the Race of Man in Denmark and fathered the Nordic (northern) Race of Man, beginning with the children Odin, Vili and Ve.  He founded the fabulous city of Valhalla, and in the summertime he would venture into the dense forest by springs, rivers and lakes, fishing with a trident spear, and living in temporary huts built of branches and foliage.  On July 23 of each year, at mid-summer, he staged lavish celebrations, beginning in the evening and lasting all night.  Neptune became confused with Poseidon.  The trident symbol they share reveals that Poseidon was the genetic source of the hybridized Neptune. 

Actually there were three water deities.  Oceanus, represented the oceans, especially the Atlantic Ocean.  Poseidon was a Titan associated with the Mediterranean where he traveled widely.  Neptune was associated with fresh water.  By “coincidence” the planet Neptune is blue.

NASA Photo of Neptune


The Ionian concept of “experience” is that it is conceived out of nothing in opposite dualities that balance back to nothing.  Consequently joy and sorrow, love and hate, beauty and ugliness, right and wrong, good and evil, large and small, near and far, and everything else manifest, come together as polar opposites.  All feelings require their opposite in order for them to have meaning.

According to the neptial concept the operational laws of physics are a joint product of Cronos and Theia, where Cronos accommodates the requirements for life to manifest.  For the purpose of diversity the design incorporates an underlying uncertainty, as exemplified by the transcendent numbers such as Pi and Phi, which have no exact value.  This law of diversity is behind the uniqueness found in fingerprints, DNA, and snowflakes.


Theia is traditionally translated as "goddess".  Theia is the life-force infusing the entire Cosmos.  The application of Theia on planet Earth is called Geia (commonly alternately spelled Gaia), which is the feminine form of Geo (Earth).  Geia is synonymous with the spiritual name "Mother Earth", with the popular name "Mother Nature", and with the scientific name "The Ecosystem".

The Nested Magnitudes

In the Geocubic Model, there are 7 nested magnitudes of expression, centered on the 4th Magnitude.  These are:

1: Atomic
2: Molecular (the living cell)
3: Organic (the living organism)
4: Planetary (the living ecosystem)
5: Solar
6: Galactic
7: Cosmic

This 1976 oil painting of the 7 Magnitudes by Tom Gilmore ties up the connection between the macro and micro at the 3rd Magnitude of the individual organism.  Notice the symbolism for the atom is the (invalid) conventional orbital model, and the molecule is symbolized by the conventional spheres connected by rods.  This was because the Geocubic Model had not yet been deduced, but which was fortunate for the conventional deceived viewer, enabling them to draw the correct conclusion about the nature of the Magnitudes.

The Magnitudes are scales of size where monads (individual bodies and systems) occur.  Additional monads are found between the Magnitudes.  These Monads are listed in the graphic below.  There is a symmetry in the structure, centered on the 4th (middle) Magnitude, where two sets of 3 Magnitudes overlap, those being living monads and astral monads.

Atomic particles are so miniscule that they are considered asymptotic to being nothing.  The Cosmos has to be inside something, and we call that the unbounded Universe (the one thing), which being of indeterminate size is asymptotic to being infinite.

The Ecosystem

The nesting of the life force at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Magnitudes is a self-evident structure. Cells (2nd) are the small basic building blocks, making up the various plant and animal species of individual organisms (3rd), and these organisms operate in an integrated living ecosystem (4th).

Single cell organisms have limited capabilities, but they exhibit bio modeling in their functional adaptations.  The cells of multi-cellular organisms are thought to be programmed by DNA organized into Genes, which are thought to control the specialization and organization of the cells in composing the organism, although the mechanism for this has not been identified.  Nor does the DNA explain how a life-force impels cells to reproduce by splitting.  If Genes are considered to be organic programs, the "computer" executing the programming is needed.  Then we come to the force of will, cognition, and self-awareness.  The further we go away from genetic encoding, the more unreasonable it is to account for life by this means alone. 

Another step away from the individual organism is the organized Colony, such as with ants, bees, and termites.  Larger organisms colonize as well, such as flocks of birds, schools of fish, and herds of animals, not to mention the societies of mankind.  Finally we arrive at the obvious inter-related ecosystem of organisms operating at localized and the planetary level, and the notion that cellular DNA can account for that co-operation is highly abstruse.  All these mitigating factors point to a Bio-Form operating the organism and a Bio-Realm of Bio-Forms operating the ecosystem.

True Existence

The brain is a bio-realm interface organ of the body.  One region of the brain handles cognition of the environment, and another region handles the 'ization".  The combination of these two regions results in self-awareness.


The body itself as an organism is merely a mechanism.  It provides the basis for cognitive existence, which resides in the neural network of the brain.  A computer is cognizant, in that it receives input and processes it.  Programmed artificial intelligence only refines the cognizance, it cannot replicate the ization, because the self is a collective organic phenomenon operating at the 4th Magnitude (of Gaia).  The individual brains are “identity cells” of the “brain of Gaia”.  

Under anesthesia the individual is unconscious, and their physical existence as a living organism persists while their true existence is suspended.  This suggests a connection has been interrupted between the true existence and the physical brain, in turn leading to the conclusion that true existence is not in the physical realm, even though the brain is. 

The Gaia Principle regarding intellect is that at the planetary level of magnitude there exists a spiritual-mind, and this is composed of individual brains.  Analogous to how cells make up the organism, and that cells live and die while the organism persists, the mental function of cognition of existence resides in the neural network of brains, which has a spiritual extended life transcending the individual.  In other words, the individual self-awareness resides in the Bio-Realm of Gaia.

The mind is considered as an effect of the physical brain, but it is more accurately considered an effect of the neural Bio-Realm.  Each brain acts as a cell of the spiritual-mind in the nesting of magnitudes.  In this way the creator experiences all of the individual cognition, and knows their thoughts, aspirations, and deeds. 

Planetary Support of Life

The planet Earth has several physical features that life as we know it requires.  If it were not for the molten core of Iron/Nickel, two important functions would not exist. 

1: The magnetosphere is generated by the rotation of the molten magnetic core, and this deflects the harmful rays from the sun that would otherwise fry all living things.

2: The molten core causes the volcanic emissions and continental plate collisions that raise the land out of the oceans.  Without the molten core the Earth would be flat, a water world of one ocean.  The molten core cannot be accounted for with classical physics, because by now the heat should have completely dissipated.  The Geocubic Model accounts for the molten core due to atomic vibrations that occur in a solid rotating body because of the cubic matrix of space that forces the atoms to jump outward and inward as the arc of rotation is interrupted by the cubic quantum of motion.  This atomic vibration generates heat and keeps the core molten.

Another feature of planet Earth is the full range of atomic elements from Hydrogen to Uranium that can be found on or near the surface.  Many of these elements are critical to organic life.  These elements had to be created in prior solar bodies that exploded, and then captured in orbit around our own sun. 

The distance of Earth from the sun allows for a surface temperature not too cold or hot for common organic material.

The size of Earth produces a gravitational field that is not so great as to crush organic material, but great enough to capture and retain an atmosphere that is necessary for the carbon cycle of plants using sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar, and animals generating heat by converting sugar and oxygen back into carbon dioxide and water (see the carbon cycle page).

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