24. The Tree of Life Choices
(The Kabal Temple)

by Tom Gilmore
Copyright 2018
All graphics by Tom Gilmore

A cabal is a secret association of conspirators.  The word cabal came from the secret society preserving the knowledge (gnosis) of the Kabal Temple which the religious perverts of the mid-evil Inquisition was intent on eradicating. 

Part I – The Bohemian Kabalistic Tarot

The Bohemian Tarot consists of 78 cards broken into the Major and Minor groups called arcana.  The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards that hide the Egyptian seasonal calendar.  The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that have multiple purposes.  The 22 cards originated as Hebrew alphabet cards during Hebrew enslavement in Egypt.  The cards showed the 22 Hebrew letters in alphabetic order, along with a sequence number from 1 to 22. 

These Hebrew alphabet cards were used as a basis for the Major Arcana of the Bohemian Tarot, the purpose of which was to hide, disguise and encrypt secret knowledge.

One significant purpose incorporated in the cards related to astrological numerology (refer to the article on the Color-Cube), but this numerology only extends to 17.

The main purpose for the cards related to what is termed the Kabalah, or knowledge of the Kabal Temple.  Diagrams of the Kabal Temple show 10 pillars as circles with Hebrew “words” written inside.  Most temple diagrams do not show the Hebrew letters, but rather the corresponding Romanized letters (Hebrew reads right to left but Romanized letters read left to right).  In the commonly encountered form diagrammed below, the Romanized letters are shown, and the 22 commonly applied connections between the pillars are shown.  The 22 lines are said to correspond to the 22 Tarot cards, but there is no consensus regarding the order.  

Two labels (Jakn and Boaz) are traditionally placed under the right and left columns

In the physical temple, the pillars were painted with symbolic icons meant to be concatenated into a concept.  When the Kabalistic Bohemian Tarot was devised, the original symbols were placed (sometimes hidden) in the pictograms of the cards and the corresponding Hebrew letters were shown on the Kabal diagram instead of the symbols themselves.  Thus, the letters of the Hebrew “words” on the temple pillars pointed to icons to be substituted.  These icons are meant to be concatenated according to the “words” on the pillars.  The concatenation modifies the general symbolic concept, for example the general concept for N is food, and may be represented by bread or fish, depending on context.  Additional problems arise from difficulties in Romanizing the Hebrew letters, for example the Hebrew letter Tzaddi (symbol fish-hook) looks somewhat like a “y”, but by “coincidence” is Romanized in the Kabalah as “J”, the shape of a fish-hook. 

Secret Revealed:
One of the most closely guarded occult secrets is the meaning of the labels JAKN and BOAZ.  The concatenation of these “words” is revealed below. 

The JAKN label of pillars interprets as "fish hook, man, hand (work), fish", or obtaining sustenance from work (being a laborer, by example a fisherman).

The BOAZ label of pillars interprets as "house, pillar (support), man, sword", or taking possessions supported by force (being a soldier or mercenary).

Revising the Temple Diagram

Many Tarot decks name the hidden symbols on the cards near the Hebrew letters, but these lists are not wholly reliable. 

A typical diagram is shown below-left, but without paths.  A logically revised version is shown to the right.  In the typical diagram the revised pillar names are shown in violet.  In the revised version the bottom pillar is moved to the central position where Daath is usually shown.  The 4 revised names are reworded to the “yourself’ of mind, body, and spirit, the 3 realms of existence.

The revised layout assumes the conventional layout of the temple diagram was deliberately altered to hide the significance from the Inquisition.  The revision shown above-right is a coherent temple layout of 10 symmetrical pillars with 22 obvious symmetrical paths. 

The 22 connections between pillars in the physical Kabal Temple were lintels (stones laid across the tops of pillars).  In anticipation of the time when the religious stranglehold would abate, and enough knowledge was accumulated to allow the rediscovery of ancient wisdom, to aid in re-assigning the pictograms to their lintels, 3 categories of the cards were designated: Main, Compound, or Simple.  These categories correspond in number with the 3 types of connecting lines in the revised Kabal Temple diagram above-right.

3 are "mother" or "main" (horizontal lines in blue above).
7 are "compound" (vertical lines in yellow and green above).
12 are "simple" (diagonal lines in red above).

The lines are called "paths" because the simple connections represent the Paths taken in life.

The main connections represent the Realms of mind, body, and spirit (mental, physical, and emotional realms).

The compound connections (lines having compound functionality) are of two types:
Four of them represent the results of the path taken (left and right green verticals).
Three of them represent manifestations of the 3 Realms (central yellow verticals).

 Self     Realm       Manifestation
Mind   Mental         Science
Body   Physical       Nature
Spirit   Emotional   Domain

Part II – The Symmetric Kabal Temple

For the Symmetric Kabal Temple diagram presented below, key-words for the Paths (pillar connections) were derived from the pictographic contents of the Bohemian Tarot cards, as demonstrated in Part III.  The placement of the key-words are in accord with the Path (letter) category of the cards, and located according to a symmetrical numbering pattern (shown in Part III). 


A profound message can be constructed from the left and right stack of pillars as follows:

Reading the right and left stacks of column names and their connections in the graphic above it says: “The Wisdom and Grace of showing Mercy and seeking Peace result in Happiness and Success, while using Wit for the Affliction of Severity in Victory results in Suffering and Failure.

According to Greek myth the Titan Explorers (who came to Earth from Sirius, a dual-sun system) were afflicted with the selfishness arising from our solar system having a single (sole) sun we call Sol (single).  The temple was an effort by the Titans to provide guidance for dealing with the greed, avarice, cruelty and outright evil that the selfishness engendered in those afflicted.

Part III – Determining the Pictogram Sequence:

The temple diagram below is marked with colored arrows connecting the sequential numbering of the paths.  There is a balanced pattern bifurcated into upper and lower sections.  This bifurcation reveals why the left and right central pillars have two Hebrew “words”, one for the upper half and one for the lower half.

The Simple Pictograms

The “Simple” cards occur in pairs of opposites (in 2 groups of 6 cards each).

 5  Simple   Supplication
 6  Simple   Temptation
   7  Simple   Subjugation
   8  Simple   Arbitration
 9  Simple   Serenity
10 Simple   Turmoil

14 Simple   Temperance
15 Simple   Enslavement
  16 Simple   Destruction
  17 Simple   Nurturance 
18 Simple   Cooperation (19)
19 Simple   Conflict (18)

The Kabal path key-words have been added on the bar at the top of the cards for comparison to the pictograms.  The top bar also shows the Main, Compound, or Simple letter designations, and any astrological associations to the card numbers (for which 17 is the highest number).  In the bottom bars of the cards, the card numbers, the vulgar name of the card, the Hebrew letters, and the Romanized letters are shown. 

Two Secrets Revealed:
Card 9
represents the “light on the path” that Jesus offers Thomas to find his way, saying “I am the way the truth and the light”.  Those who follow the teaching of Jesus are illuminated, or in plural the Illuminati. 
Card 10  The TAROT was named for this card because the Latin word for rotation R-O-T-A are written on the quadrants and when the wheel is rotated a full circuit spelling ROTAR, from the top it spells T-A-R-O-T..  

  Angel vs. Devil

Corrected Pictorial Sequence 

18 ßà 19

The pictograms of card 18 and 19 were switched in the Bohemian Tarot on purpose.  The switch is indicated by the symmetry shown above, but are also revealed by the droplets on both cards that represent the gravity from the Sun and Moon, which combine to produce the tides.  These cards hide the gnosis of the tides.  Notice the bay on the Moon card where the crustacean is exposed (for detail on the tides refer to the article on Sun, Earth, Moon).  The gravitational force acting on Earth from the Sun and the Moon is nearly equal.  The Sun is 400 times the size of the Moon, but also 400 times further distant from Earth, and although the Sun is much denser than the Moon, gravitational force decreases exponentially with distance, and the result is that the Moon exerts slightly more gravitational force than the Sun.  The ratio of 18 to 19 should be in the order of Sun(18) to Moon(19).

Incorrect pictorial sequence (Bohemian standard)

Notice that the Hebrew letter-to-number is preserved in the pictogram switch.  The last 3 cards (20, 21, 22) were victims of compound additional pictogram switches, as detailed further on.

The Main and Compound Pictograms

  1  Main    Mental
13  Main    Physical Realm
22  Main    Emotional

 2  Compound   Science  (Mental realm)
 3  Compound   Nature    (Physical realm)
 4  Compound   Domain  (Emotional realm)

The Compound Manifestations cards of 2, 3, and 4 (Science, Nature, and Domain)
     correspond with the Main “realm” cards (Mental, Physical and Spiritual).

  1  Main    Mental Realm    
13  Main    Physical Realm
22  Main    Emotional


For reasons not revealed by Alistair Crowley, he switched around the pictograms of cards 20, 21, and 22, and it took root.

The correct pictogram sequence of 22 for The Fool is supported by clearly representing the emotional realm, which by symmetry should be card 22 (see sequence diagram above).     

The Compound Consequence cards relate to the consequences of Jakn or Boaz path choices.

11 Compound   Happiness   (Jakn Consequence)
12 Compound   Suffering     (Boaz Consequence)

20 Compound  Success  (Jakn Consequence) (21)
21 Compound  Failure   (Boaz Consequence) (20)

Corrected Pictorial Sequence 

20 ßà 21  The order should be Life vs Death. 

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