The Titan Infusion

By Tom Gilmore
Copyright 2017
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This article is written as if the Titan Infusion Theory is established fact.  The evidence supporting the theory is highlighted in red.

Part I – The Titan Expedition

The Star Sirius

The star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, nearly twice as bright as the next brightest star (Sirius is from a Greek word for “glowing”).  Sirius is located close-by in the Milky Way about 2.6 parsecs distant from Earth.  Sirius is a dual-sun system (about half of the solar systems in our galaxy are dual-sun systems).  Sirius A is a “main-sequence” sun (similar to our sun) with very nearly half the gravity of Sirius B, a white dwarf sun.  The gravity of Sirius A is 4.33 cgs (centimeter/gram/second) and Sirius B is 8.57 cgs (8.66 would be double).  The two suns are in mutual orbit, with the fulcrum closer to the heavier Sirius B, as illustrated below.

The still utilized base-12 system of 360 degrees, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds in both geographic and astronomical systems of latitude and longitude (as well as in time measure) is not a natural system for humans to establish, and this system being extant in the very earliest historical records is evidence of its alien origin.

Notice that 12 can be split to 8 and 4 (one twice the other), which is the gravitational ratio of the 2 suns.

The Titans brought lions with them as pets (known as “Dogs”) which is why Sirius is known as the “Dog Star”.  The Titans came to Earth around 13,000 years ago, and in defining the astronomical segments, they started the segments with the constellation Leo (the lion), and they carved the Sphinx (a lion, originally with a lion’s head) facing the horizon where the constellation Leo was rising on the spring equinox. 

When the system of tropical astrology (the notion that the seasons control the aspects of personal characteristics) was formalized, Aries was rising on the spring equinox, which us why on the Belt of the Zodiac the Signs begin with Aries, but due to the precession of Earth’s axis, today the Sign Aquarius is rising on the spring equinox.  In the rarely used sidereal astrology, a Aries would be Aquarius, Taurus would be Pisces, and so on, so if the stars are the actual controlling factor, everyone who has had a natal horoscope under tropical astrology has been egregiously misled. 

Pointing to Sirius

When extended, the celestial line running through the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt intersects Sirius.  This astronomical fact is tied to the pyramid complex at Giza (and complexes in the Americas, and elsewhere), constituting evidence of the effort to point to the star Sirius.  By overlaying the layout of the 3 stars of Orion's Belt on the 3 pyramids of Giza, it has been shown that the locations of the 3 pyramids match with the positions of the 3 stars, and the relative sizes of the 3 pyramids have been shown to match with the relative brightness of the 3 stars, and thus the complex is pointing out the star Sirius, since it emulates Orion’s Belt, which points to Sirius. 

The Titan Exploration of Earth

Around 13,000 years ago an expedition from the planet Titus of the dual star Sirius came to explore and document our solar system, naming our Sun Sol (sole, single), and naming our planet Earth (after the abundant soil).  Finding life on our planet they set out to map the geography and collect male and female specimens of the various species to bring back to their home planet (source of the distorted Biblical Noah’s Arc myth).

The Titan explorers were members of a service (in the same way that our astronauts are members of NASA).  Their insignia identified their specialties.  Common to all emblems was the service symbol of wings.  The familiar symbol of the caduceus shown below has been misinterpreted as featuring intertwined snakes.  The original insignia represented the helix spirals of DNA integral to the science of a geneticist, who also served as a physician, as evidenced by the fact that the caduceus is still the symbol of medicine.  It is likely that the original insignia had the asymmetrical helix coils of actual DNA (2 coils of 1/3 spacing, as depicted to the left of the insignia), and that the symmetry was introduced under the assumption that the original depictions looked like primitive poorly drawn representations that invited correction. 


Each expedition specialist wore their distinct emblem.  The emblem Atlas wore featured a globe signifying his role as cartographer (and navigator).  It is probable that Zeus was trained as a meteorologist, and wore an emblem with a lightning bolt.  Myth sources all associate Zeus with the power to control lightning bolts.  When Zeus rebelled (unsuccessfully) against the elder Titans, he organized an army of humans to serve him in the conflict, and named them the Storm Troopers.

The island the Titans decided to land on was named Atlantis after the ship cartographer, Atlas.  The nearby ocean was named the Atlantic (suffix –ic signifies ocean and –is signifies island).
Collections of maps are still called Atlases. 

The Egyptian character shown above is named “Khons” commonly called “the Navigator”.  Upon the head of Khons is an articulated globe (the globe is suspended in an apparatus such that it can spin on an axis), evidence identifying Khons with Atlas.

 (Clip-art compilation)

The Titans were unprepared for the strong gravity and dense atmosphere of Earth, and the intense heat generated during entry into the atmosphere damaged their instruments, contributing (along with strong gravity) to cause a crash landing that disabled the landing craft.  The illustration above shows Atlas contemplating the disaster.  He has salvaged his articulated globe which only appears to be sitting on his shoulder.  His muscular build is the result of weight training he underwent to prepare himself for the strong gravity of Earth.  In the evolution, alteration, and cultural distortion of myth-history, the Greeks show the Giant Atlas carrying the planet Earth on his muscular shoulders, and without context the myth looks frivolous.

For detail on Atlantis and the Ten Kingdoms, read Folklore of Atlantis.

The Evil Infection

The Titans were not prepared for the effect our solar system had on their social psyche.  It came to be known as the Evil Infection.

Some Titans associated the Evil Infection with the single sun of our solar system, thinking it was behind individual selfishness.  The theory was that the dual-sun solar system of their home planet resulted in a shared existence where people cooperated and competed with respect and fairness, but that the single sun solar system generated a region of space infected with selfishness.  The selfishness infected a majority of the Titans to some degree, but a smaller number lost all empathy (became a sociopath) and perpetrated minor evil.  An even smaller number became psychopaths that perpetrated great evil.  This effect was the same for the Earthlings that inhabited the planet.  Others called the Evil an infection of the brain that disabled the region responsible for empathy with others.  Either of these theories would account for the general selfishness that afflicted all but a small minority of the population, but the major Evil was harder to account for.  It appeared that there was some kind of enjoyment experienced by the perpetrators of Evil.  Some called this a possession by Evil "Elemental Worms" existing unseen in the solar system.  In any case, they did not consider it exclusive to the one planet Earth in the system.  The infection is reported in the Bible with the first offspring brothers Cain and Able.  In Greek myth the first offspring brothers of the Titans, Zeus and Poseidon, ended up in mortal combat that resulted in mutual disabling injuries leading to both of their deaths.  As a young man Zeus was infected with the Evil and rebelled against the Titan elders, attempting to overthrow them with a recruited army of Earthlings.  It resulted in his banishment.  In later life he became a serial rapist of Earthling females, calling himself Dionysus (“myself of Nysa”).  Nysa was the Aegean island where Zeus was exiled.  Another brother of the first generation, Hades, was consumed with hatred, and became a serial torturer and murderer of his abducted victims, whom he took deep into subterranean caves.

A common Titan greeting was “May you have no enemies”, and this has persisted with the common Arab greeting of “Peace be upon you”.

The Norse gods of Valhalla were Titans (who were collecting the various northern species for the scientific purpose of returning to Titus with them).  They became stranded in Denmark by the actions of the Infected Titan Hel.  Hel flew off alone in the shuttle the Titans were traveling in, while the crew was out exploring Denmark, and took it to Iceland where he retreated into thermally heated caves.  Many of the Titans had pet lions, and Hel's pet lion was a large male named Garm.  The red-hot exposed rock and steaming pools of water where he dwelled in seclusion are the source of the place Earthlings call Hell.

Part II – The Creation of Man

The Giants/Immortals

The Titans were up to 9 feet tall, and were known by the Race of Man as the Giants.  They also lived long lives, some over 900 years, and were thus also known as the Immortals.  They could not tolerate the rays of the sun, and many of them spent their days deep in caves, only coming out at night.  The Greek stone relief carving depicted below shows the Titans (possibly in an excavated cavern) collecting the taxes-in-kind from the diminutive Human population (average male height 4 feet 6 inches), who have led in cattle and carried in grain to present. 

The Titan Infertility

The Titans had inbred on their long multi-generational journey, and only one female of the contingent was still fertile.  She bore 12 children, six male and six female.  The surviving lists of Greek names are evidence of these 12 children.  The lists vary by region.  Following is the original list (in order of birth) from Mount Olympus.

Zeus                Hera
Poseidon         Athene
Hades              Aphrodite
Apollo             Artemis
Hephaestus      Hestia
Ares                 Demeter

Some of the children were fertile, but it is not clear which.  Sorting through the muddled and contradictory myth remnants and folklore leads to inconclusive genealogy.  Zeus (the first-born), was reputed to sire a number of offspring, but the folklore suggests that his reputation as a rapist was exploited to exonerate women who became pregnant from illicit affairs, and in truth Zeus was impotent (a source of great resentment in him). 

Ancient Greeks in the “Nobility” claimed to be descended from Poseidon.  This evidence suggests that Poseidon (third-born after Hera) was the genetic source of the hybrid Neptune who fathered the Nordic Race of Man.  The icon of the Trident is associated with both Poseidon and Neptune.

The Breakdown of Discipline

The damaged landing craft was undergoing repairs, and the expedition fully expected to return to Titus with the maps and species specimens.  After the volcanic eruption of the island of Atlantis destroyed their damaged landing craft, the mission of the expedition changed to meet two primary objectives; sustain their race, and signal home for rescue.  Read the section on Stonehenge in the astronomical article “Sun, Earth, Moon” for evidence of their effort to send an SOS.

Unfortunately the discipline of the offspring of the explorers declined as they realized they were trapped on a brutal planet unsuited for Titan habitation.  Their prime directive of not interfering with the natural development of the planet fell by the wayside.  Fruits and grain that they had brought from Titan, and that they had taken precautions to quarantine, were eventually granted to the Earthlings (primarily through the generosity of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture).  The last Titan fruit to be distributed was the apple (the Biblical forbidden fruit).  The Titan apple grove was guarded and tended by the goddess (Titan) Ishtar.  In the Sumerian myth of the Journeys of Gilgamesh, he and Ishtar become lovers, but she cheated on him, and in defiant jealousy he spread the apple seed during his journey, foiling her protective purpose.  This episode of the Sumerian myth is behind the American myth character Jonny Appleseed.

Titan Adaptations to Earth

The Titans mostly stayed in caves and came out at night.  In some parts of the world they excavated extensive underground tunnels and chambers, leaving unexplained evidence of having existed.  They could come out in the daylight but had to wear lead-lined clothing, as well as form-fitted radiation-blocking dark lenses to protect their eyes.  This is depicted clearly in the evidence provided by the ancient statuette shown below where the dark glasses are obvious, but they have no frames because they were sealed to the eye sockets.

As can be seen in the Sumerian cylinder-seal below, the Titan characters wear long skirts (of layered lead), and unusual hats (designed to block radiation).   The flat head of the statuette above indicates that the protective hat was lost.

For detail on what this cylinder seal depicts, see the article on Headlocks of the Fixed Cross.

The Genetic Experiments

When the infertility confronted the Titans, they set about attempting to genetically manipulate and revitalize their race.  Their experiments had produced the Cyclopes (those with only one eye) and the Monstrous Ones (those with deformed limbs and faces).  They changed their tactic, rather than persist trying to revitalize Titan fertility, they began experimenting with enhancing the Earth’s African stock with Titan genes.  They found that a cloned mixture of African hominid primate and Papua Baboon was partially compatible with the Titan gene structure.  This allowed them to hybridize a new species combining Baboon, African Hominoid and Titan characteristics. 

The drawing above was part of a piece of papyrus that was used for a student to practice on.  The papyrus had been started in far ancient times to when it was later used as a practice sheet.  For the graphic above, the practice drawing is cropped from the larger piece of papyrus (the scarab beetle at lower center is part of the practice work that was drawn in the blank area of the sheet).  Except that it was saved for the purpose of practicing we would not have this depiction as evidence of the Titan creation of Man.  Egyptologists assume the dark circle is the Sun embraced by the arms of Atum, and the lines under it are the Sun's rays.  Actually, the arms are calipers holding an unfertilized egg as 22 needles insert injections of altered sperm DNA.  The human has 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 pairs of "autosomes" that control heredity, and 1 pair of sex determining chromosomes.  The count of 22 lines in the depiction above reveals that a needle for each of the autosomes is simultaneously injected.  Notice the membrane enclosing the egg.  The upright animals flanking the egg reveal the Papua baboons used in the process.

The new hybrid species (Man) was clever and resourceful, escaping their confinement and rapidly adjusting to wilderness conditions, expanding in population.  They became known as the Race of Man (or Homo-Sapiens).  By 10,900 BC this Earthling/Titan hybrid was used by Titan geneticists to successfully produce a primarily Titan hybrid that could procreate with the Race of Man.  His name was Neptune (refer to article on the Bio-Realm).  He was an albino with pale white skin, pale blue eyes, and pale yellow hair.  He fathered the light-skinned Northern Race of Man (Nordics) while living in Denmark with the Titan explorers that were stranded there (by the betrayal of the Titan named Hel).  While the Titan crew was collecting species, Hel absconded with the shuttle and flew to Iceland, where he secreted himself in a cave warmed by stagnant pools heated by the shallow magna of the region (behind the modern conception of Hell). 

By 10,800 the Nordics had migrated down to the fresh-water “Black Sea” Lake where the African primates were clustered, and dispossessed them of the environment, eventually exterminating these primitive primates in all European and Asian locations, as evidenced by the sudden disappearance of these primates in the fossil record.

Part III – Instant Civilization

The so-called Neanderthal primates are now thought to date back 200,000 years, and Cro-Magnon man's remains are thought to reach as far back as 35,000 years ago in Europe, but it isn't until about 11,000 BC that modern man appears, at the same time as the sudden extinction of the primitive primates (evidence that the hybrid Race of Man engineered by the Titans exterminated them).  This time period is called the Mesolithic (middle stone-age).  The bow and arrow show up, with clothing, baskets, pottery, domestication of animals, and garden agriculture.  A very clever animal appears out of nowhere, with no intermediate stages between the primitive primates.  The new species suddenly “evolved” a voice box, and the mental capacity to communicate with words.  The evidence of instant civilization in the Aegean is detailed in the article on Atlantis.


One of the last Titans of pure ichor (ichor is Titan blood) was a geneticist who was determined to create another primarily Titan Hybrid (the first was Neptune) that could procreate with the Race of Man.  He abducted many females from nearby villages on the Iranian Plateau bordering the Persian Gulf to test them for genes appropriate to the process he had contrived to obtain what he termed a 2/3 Titan hybrid.  The process involved inducing a newly fertilized egg to split before the single strand of the DNA of the sperm could join with the egg’s strand.  The egg that received the sperm DNA proceeded with joining strands, but the other egg was a fertilized egg without the sperm DNA. This enabled the geneticist to inject gene strings of his DNA extracted from his sperm, while omitting conflicting genes that would otherwise cause deformities.  Eventually he found a suitable subject female and produced a few generations of females with this process, increasing the ichor in one of the offspring, and terminating the other.

The Hybrid Gemini Twins

When the female hybrid Bast was born, the geneticist was satisfied with the Titan characteristics and he inseminated male twins (Gilgamesh and Enkidu), intending that Enkidu be euthanized and that Gilgamesh would procreate with the Nordics to produce the Angelic (Southern) Race of Man.  This was around 6,400 BC, during the astronomical Age of Gemini, which is why they are known as the Gemini Twins. 

The time for this multi-generational process was not a problem.  Titans were also called the Immortals due to their long, technologically extended lifespans of up to 900 years.  For one thing they grew their own replacement organs.  Evidence for this is found in the procedure when embalming an Egyptian mummy for entombment.  The organs were stored in separate bottles in anticipation of the “ladder from the sky”, a phrase describing the wait for resurrection by the rescue expedition that the ancient Titans had sent an SOS to request. This is why the Pharaohs were said to be being prepared for eternal life.


There were very early cities in Elam and Susa that were clusters of haphazardly expanded dwellings, with very little in the way of civic institutions.

Map by Tom Gilmore

Around 9,900 BC the human concentration of population around the Titan enclave at Susa was so infested by disease, squalor, and depravity that the Titan meteorologist Baal induced a sustained rainfall lasting 40 days and nights, known as the Deluge, flushing out and drowning the population   Afterward Baal plowed salt into the fertile soil to prevent the return of the human pests.

The Time of Yore

The first organized city-state was in Sumeria around 6,300 BC, with the advent of Ur (Yore).  The mythical founder of Ur, the 2/3 Titan Gilgamesh, established a walled city along the Euphrates River, with canals, docks, civic forums, and the famous Ziggurat (fortified step pyramid).

The city Ur was built on a slightly convex island that split the Euphrates River near the Persian Gulf.  A canal was cut through the center.  Two loading docks along the canal gave boat access to the Ziggurat complex, which was surrounded by crowded tenement dwellings with narrow access lanes that followed the contours of the land.  From the agricultural fields to the east, a major road crossed the river and passed through the single gate in the surrounding wall.  The road split, leading to two bridges across the canal next to the two loading docks.  The Ziggurat itself was built at the high point of the island on the west side.  Other features of the Ziggurat complex included market squares, sports arenas, and a university/hospital campus.  A garden and reservoir was maintained on the first level of the ziggurat at a height of about 40 feet above the raised complex.  The surrounding wall was about 25 feet high, and as wide at the base.  Commerce throughout the city used access from the canal and the wall.  The top of the wall was wide and flat and paved for foot and cart traffic, with periodic ramps down the inside face of the wall to the dwelling area.  The outside of the wall was nearly vertical and polished smooth.

Public domain graphic re-arranged and colored by Tom Gilmore

The twin brothers Gilgamesh and Enkidu were Titan Hybrids who procreated with the Human Race to produce the Angels, or Southern Race of Man.  Gilgamesh instituted weights and measures, coinage, written language, property ownership, public records, and justice courts.  Each step of the Ziggurat step pyramid was an exact fraction of the circumference of Earth, and served as the definition of property measures.  The first was the area of an acre. The second was the area of half an acre, and the third the size of a quarter acre.  These structures provided the length of the sides of a square plot enclosing an acre.  The top temple was the size of a tenement plot in the city.  These were owned by landlords who rented to the people.  Separate dwellings were considered inefficient, and landlords were compelled to live in one of the equal size apartments.  Landlords built and maintained their tenements as their occupation, while the tenants had various other jobs like blacksmith, potter, merchant, field worker, etc.  Individual wealth was capped by law to prevent monopolistic corruption of the trade system.  Since power and wealth are interconnected, preventing excessive wealth curbed despotic manipulation.  Each year new coinage was struck and the old coins were required to be exchanged, after which possession of the old coins was a crime.  This was done to prevent excessive accumulated wealth, since each citizen had a limit of exchange allowed.  Property ownership was similarly limited.  All citizens were guaranteed basic food and community shelter, regardless of their ability to pay.  Taxes were paid by the seller on all sales of property, goods or services.  Taxes funded the maintenance of the Ziggurat complex, employment of the many bureaucrats, and providing for the poor.

It was easy to maintain a civil populace when you had the ability to ostracize miscreants to a harsh outside anarchistic environment, but once city-states spread through Sumer, the alternatives made ostracism a moot point, and corruption overtook Sumeria.  Gilgamesh tired of the struggle to right all the wrongs perpetrated, and closed up the city Ur, ejecting the entire populace.  These Sumerians migrated to Upper Egypt along the Nile near Naqada.  This is supported by the remnants of their Sumerian style seal rings and statues that have been found there.


Pre-history means before written records.  Ideas concerning pre-history are based on archaeological remains and myth remnants in the general folklore.  Actually the archaeological data is more reliable than written records because history is written by the victors.

There is archeological evidence of an ancient civilization in the upper Nile region, extending from Naqada south to the island Elephantine at the cataracts.  Seal rings found at Naqada depict Sumerian themes and characters.  This can be explained by Sumerian myth which describes an exodus from the city Ur, when Gilgamesh expelled the population due to vexation with their perpetual corrupt behavior.  In initially migrating to the Nile Delta these pilgrims encountered resistance from the local inhabitants and continued up the Nile to more sparsely inhabited land.  They retained their Sumerian culture, but gradually assimilated into the Egyptian culture.


What is clear in the archaeological evidence is that cities exhibiting literacy existed in both upper and lower Egypt in very ancient pre-history. In the Delta region called the Lower Nile the realm of Bast existed, founded around 6.300 BC (Bast is the cat-headed woman shown below-left, holding what could represent a lamp.  She is credited with breeding the first domesticated cat).  By 6,150 BC Bast had expanded to a nation spanning the entire Nile up to the cataracts, ruled by Sekhmet, the lioness-headed woman depicted below-right.



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